What is $ArCN's Utility?

While you can't use our token to buy pizzas for your developers...

Here is what you can do with $ArCN.

GalleryARC Marketplace

$ArCN is the preferred currency used to buy, sell and trade AR NFTs within GalleryARC.


$ArCN can be used to purchase tickets for exclusive art expositions, concerts, etc...

Free mints

As we expand our collections, you will be able to exchange $ArCN for free mints.


Based on the amount of $ArCN you hold, your activity and creative participation, you can have access to a premium membership, that allows you get exclusive merch, and even tickets to our private parties and events.

The "ARC-verse"

Fully integrate the metaverse to trade AR land rights, buy AR billboards and vote on the ARC DAO with $ArCN.

The future utility of $ArCN

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