Q3 2022

  • Launch at Bored Ape Festival

    • We will be presenting some AR apes at NYC/NFT conference, and launch our platform as a result.

  • Less Bored Apes Drop

    • 10.000 Less Bored Apes will be available for purchase on GalleryARC. We will share the exact date on our Discord, Instagram and Twitter, so throw us a follow if you don’t want to miss it!

    • Banksys Drop

      • 3 Platinum Banksys will be dropped in designated locations in Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami for the public to view and take photos with. Only Alpha Curators will be whitelisted to bid on the Platinum Banksys.

    • Collaborate with tier 1 influencers

      • Leveraging the initial buzz of Banksy, we plan to bring on at least 12 more artists, musicians, and brands to create future AR NFT drops.

Q4 2022

  • Develop self-served platform

    • Our team will start working on a self-served option on our platform, so that artist can directly convert their 2D objects to 3D to AR NFTs. This will provide a unique capacity for our users to develop in a very new way that will significantly change the web3.0 landscape.

  • Collaborate with other NFT communities

    • We plan to create AR NFTs by collaborating with other communities.

Q4 2022

  • AR minting platform - Closed Alpha

    • We will open up our AR minting system for a vetted group of tier-1 artists to drop their own AR NFT collection and anchor them at locations of their choosing anywhere on earth.

  • AR “drag and drop” capability

    • Using the GalleryARC app, you will have the ability to “drag and drop” AR NFTs that you own to any indoor or outdoor space, that the public can experience

  • Holographic NFT Distribution Rollout

    • Artists can distribute their 3D art to proto hologram stations connected to the GalleryARC network. This allows artists to build an audience without the GalleryARC app.

Q2 2023

  • Introduce $ArCN token and staking

    • Staking with $ArCN (ARC coin) whitelists you for future drops from artists through the GalleryARC platform, and allows you to earn royalties from the fees generated.

  • Interactive and immersive AR

    • Capability to deploy AR experiences that respond to user interactions, and create portal-like 360 immersive AR “rooms” that they can walk into, which can be used as a virtual gallery for their AR NFTs.

  • Enable Platform Interoperability

    • Integrations with popular NFT marketplaces and metaverse platforms that allow users to bring their asset from anywhere into the GalleryARC platform

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