Detailed Roadmap

The Initial User Experiential Journey

To begin the enhanced creator experience, users of the initial GalleryARC core product and services should expect a White Glove experience that the GalleryARC team leads in partnership with you. The Core Platform Creator Launchpad that is used to create and mint AR assets onto the shared AR layer using geo coordinates are only offered to the end users at a limited capacity; as much of the tool kit is still in MVP mode and administered by the GalleryARC internal team.

The initial ARC AR- Portal to interact with AR assets in the shared AR layer through mobile is limited to an IOS version with a MVP version of the functionality that is available on the app store. The GalleryARC Marketplace used to trade assets in the shared AR layer on the ARC dedicated marketplace is also a MPV and many transactions will take place on The internal ARC team will be using AI powered generative design/art software to reimagine/automate 2D to 3D, which will make the rendering of the AR more rapid and cost effective over time.

In the following quarters of year one, GalleryARC will begin to roll out versions of all of the above products that creators and curators can use independently. This will provide a unique capacity for ARC users to develop in a very new way that will significantly change the web3.0 landscape.

The follow-on Products and Services

The next transitions in the user journey will begin when greater funding is received by private equity, ICO or revenue generation. At which point, near or around the end of year one, the team envisions the release and optimization of new business units.

Some great revenue opportunity will begin when the company is able to transition many development opportunities to individual creators on the platform and Redeploy the internal development assets to ARC Services Content and Branding Solutions; AR Advertising Services. Gallery Arc envisions significate marketing, distribution and sales services of rendering 2d to 3d, marketing service and billboard placements to Brands and others like artists and athletes.

At a similar point ARCRE Land Parcels will be sold to creatives to develop exhibitions and revenue share, ad share, domain sales, lease and/or rental will be made to capitalize on the AR experiential layer of specific pieces of 'real' real estate.

At some point the company envisions an ICO on $ArCN. A utility token used to transact on ArCN Network, within the GalleryARC social network and with the ARC gamify communities and overall ecosystem [Find and Earn; Pay to Clarify; Affiliate features for celebrities/influencers; Artist Fund].

Future User Experiences Under Consideration

Interoperability pipes- bridge from metaverse to universe Intelligent design

Insured AR- As part of smart contract

ArCN Lending Services to purchase AR rights

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