Until January 2024, the majority of our revenue will be generated via brand activations (projects).

We assume a conversion rate of 4% until July 2023, then 6% until July 2024, then 8%, thanks to the experience of our team.We’ve split the project's revenue between 3 tiers:

Tier 1 : High value, $350k Tier 2 : Mid value, $150k Tier 3 : Low value, $35k In 2023, the goal is to have 4 high-value projects, 4 mid-value projects, and 8 low-value projects.

In 2024, the goal is to close 6 high-value projects, 6 mid-value projects, and 4 low-value projects.

In 2025 and onward, the goal is to close 12 high-value projects.[ ] Revenue Opportunities In January 2024, we expect to have a functioning version of our CMS ready for launch.We will add a Saas model to our business model, while still working on brand activations.From there, we will have 2 different type of subscriptions:

Advanced : $79/user/month Enterprise : $159/user/month Those numbers are based on a competition pricing analysis.

In 2024, we expect a steady growth, with 1.8k paying accounts by the end of 2024.

In 2025 the goal is to have 8.7k paying accounts.

In 2026, the goal is to have 53k paying accounts.

In January 2024, we plan on launching our AR marketplace.We are envisioning a 5% commission fee on first sales, which would match the current market rates for similar products.

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